No regrets, just love

Katy, my queen

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Katy Perry at the Lacoste Beautiful Desert Pool Party

jloganhorne: We made it.

pretareporter: Oh just Katy Perry in a teepee. #coachella @harpersbazaarus #shopbazaar #bazaaratcoachella

hellogiggles: @katyperry @miamoretti 😄😄😄 #coachella

LACOSTE Beautiful Desert Pool Party at Coachella - 04.12 

samsunshineboysclub: Back down, Johnson

toastycakes: Staring into the sun with @katyperry & @chloenorgaard @miamoretti 🌴☀️📷

jloganhorne: We made it.

Katy at Coachella 2014

Katy watching Lorde’s show at Coachella Music Festival Day 2